What Happens When You Call?

You will speak with our Customer Service Representative who will schedule an appointment for an Installation Specialist to visit your home. Our Installation Specialist will provide a free estimate for your project and all of the free information on how you can install a hydrotherapy walk-in whirlpool spa tub or shower.

During this visit, the Installation Specialist will –

  • Ask about any specific safety and physical concerns you want to address.

  • Show you options. More than one product may fit your situation.

  • Discuss specific features of the product you select.

  • Inspect and measure the bathroom and create an installation cost sheet.

  • Measure all doors and hallways leading to the bathroom.

  • Inspect the water heater and electrical breaker box.

  • Discuss with you specifically what will be included in a work order.

  • Give you an exact price to install your new walk-in tub spa.

Our Installation Specialists work under a strict NO SALES PRESSURE policy.

They will always give you a “90-day” estimate so you can relax, think about it, compare, check with the kids, and make a no-pressure decision.

If you’re ready to make a change in your bathroom, and you like our product, and you decide you are ready to have us schedule an installation at the earliest possible date…our Installation Specialist will also show you how you can save up to $2000!

Again, no pressure. We give you the options and the exact pricing for your project whether we do it today, next week, or next month. You decide.

 Call Now 210-263-7949 or Email  info@hillcountrywalkinbath.com

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