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The installer Tim Abbott was super clean, fast and intelligent.” John McFall, San Antonio, TX 78242

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All very professional.” Janie and Joe Zepeda-San Antonio, TX 78223

 “Everyone we worked with has been knowledgeable, courteous, and very helpful. Your installation team was terrific! They were always punctual, helpful and kept us informed through the entire process. They were also very nice and always polite.” Ian and Rexanne Seidler- San Antonio, TX 78249

The installers were good.” William and Marjorie Horner-San Antonio, TX 78233

 “Shasta was professional, punctual, and thorough, both as an installer and answering our questions. I should add “creative” as she figured out a way to open up the limited crawl space. We would certainly give her a 10.” Clayton and Beverly Kaupp-

San Antonio, TX 78247

 “On October 26, we had the extreme good luck of meeting with Dan Guthner in our home. During this meeting, Dan took the time to explain what his company wanted to do for those who needed their services. He explained how the equipment available could help everyone and specifically us if we had certain problems. I have been in sales myself and I never saw anyone spend the time to explain rather than try to sell a product. However, when we got to the part of the price for purchasing a new shower, we knew that it would be worth the cost for the additional security we knew would be built into the system. Then on December 10, we were awaiting the arrival of the installation team with mixed feelings. It seems that whenever anyone comes into the home to do a repair or whatever, one feels invaded. Even if they are nice and professional, you feel glad when all is complete and they leave. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN when Lawrence and Carla Cuington arrived to start our new shower installation. From almost the very first moment it was like welcoming old friends who had come for a visit. Then as the work got started, my husband watched Lawrence for a short while. Having done some of those type work in the past, he was anxious to be sure it was done right. After only a few minutes, he came back into the Living Room to tell me that Lawrence was truly a Master Craftsman. So we relaxed and enjoyed the next three days. Every step of the way, Lawrence was concerned that placement of the Hold Bars was as we wanted them, the seat where and at the height we wanted, etc. This was sincerely appreciated. BUT the most special thing was how clean everything was maintained. Carla was on top of the situation and she kept it clean in our bedroom which is just outside the master bath where the shower was being put in. When all was completed, it was like old friends leaving. We missed them over the next few days because they were wonderful people who cared about what they were doing for us. What this tells me about your company is that you truly care about the end user of your product. You choose the right people. Thank you for the caring attitude that you have shown and that your staff, sales, and installations personnel exhibit.” Clyde and Virginia Fulkerson-San Antonio, TX 78254
 “Our installer was a great guy. Thank you, me and my wife love our Walk-In Tub.” Francis Moos-San Antonio, TX 78249
Outstanding installation team.” George Hutchinges-San Antonio, TX 78254

“I’m 77 years old and let me tell you this Hydrotherapy Tub is wonderful for me because I no longer can use a regular tub. Now it’s easier for me to get in and out of, sit down and relax, and also I don’t have the fear of falling. I believe this new tub has actually saved me with these last few years I have left.”  Robin Burnett-San Antonio, TX 78216

“It used to be hard for me to climb over my regular tub but with this new tub it’s a breeze!”  Tammy Rankin-San Antonio, TX 78216

“We use to be scared to death of our old tub but now we just feel so much safer. We love it.” Shelby Mitchell-San Antonio, TX 78209

“My wife and I just want to say you very much for our new bathroom and walk-in system. We are in our late 60’s and both of us have an Arthritic condition plus my wife has lower spine issues. We had our bathroom remodeled and walk-in tub installed in Sep./Oct. Since we have had several months to try out our new system we can joyfully affirm that it has been an outstanding new experience to take a shower or sit in the tub with the jets swirling the water all around. It truly helps our arthritic condition and I am sure that one day if we should decide to sell our house the value will be upgraded.”  Hunter Williams-San Antonio, TX 78253

“My sister and I are very satisfied with the installation of our Walk-In Tub. It’s a lot easier for us to get in and out of without the trouble of falling.” Carol Jaggers-San Antonio, TX 78248

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Thank you for my new hydrotherapy spa tub. It was in less than a week. I brought the spa tub and it was fully installed like magic. The installers were very knowledgeable in the problems that arose and solved each problem like a whiz. I can hardly wait to enjoy my own hydrotherapy experience.” Ana Spain-Austin, TX 78729

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The installation crew Shasta and Sandra were very professional and courteous, I highly recommend your excellent company. Thanks for a job tremendously well done!”

Steve Rye and Pasty Alexander-Austin, TX 78745

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My new shower is beautiful and is tailored to my needs. I know that it will be durable and easy to clean. The installer Del Turetzky was very efficient and exceeded my expectations. Everyone was very pleasant and easy to work with.” Carole Psak-Austin, TX 78749

The installer, Shasta was amazing and did a wonderful job. She was professional, courteous, and very experienced in what she was doing. It was a very enjoyable experience.” Diane Banduch-Austin, TX 78745

We were impressed!” Jayme and Margo Kortokrax-Austin, TX 78749