Hydrotherapy Whirlpool Commercial grade Walk-in Spa Tubs


  • Stepping in and out of your bathtub without help. And without fear.
  • Soaking in a water massage deep enough to soothe your neck and shoulders.
  • Enjoying lasting relief from aches and pains WITHOUT taking a pill or waiting for an appointment.
  • Reading a novel to the last chapter and your water stays wonderfully warm.
  • Owning a walk-in tub so advanced, it cleans itself after every use!
  • Benefitting from a doctor recommended hydrotherapy treatment in the privacy and dignity of your own home.

An easy-to-install walk-in tub and shower can virtually eliminate your risk of taking a fall or suffering severe injury in the most dangerous room in your home. With a new walk-in tub and shower, you can easily get in and out safely and INDEPENDENTLY.

With sturdy grab bars, non-skid floor, and easy low entry, you’ll never be afraid again to take a bath or shower.

Your hydrotherapy walk-in spa tub and shower is specifically designed to fit in the space of your existing bathtub. Simple. The old slippery tub comes out. Your new walk-in tub spa goes in.

And with a new hydrotherapy walk-in tub spa and showers, your bathroom becomes the most enjoyable and SAFEST room in your house.

Sit back in luxurious comfort in the built-in contoured seat while commercial grade water and air massage jets relax your sore muscles, relieve arthritic joint pain, increase circulation, and reduce high blood pressure. Soothe away back pain and breathe easy.

When you’re finished, there’s no twisting or muscle-pulling or straining. No climbing over the side of the tub. No pulling yourself up from the bottom of the floor.

Surrounded by convenient and secure grab bars, and standing on a comfortable non-skid floor, getting up and getting out of the tub spa is a breeze.

And the best part?

The fear is gone.